Over 4+ years of experience on Android

Complex UI design implementation and user friendly navigation flow management experience achieved from multiple projects development from scratch. 


Android (Java + Kotlin)


RxJava, Dagger, REST, FCM, Google Map, WebRTC, AdMob

Graph design implementation

Experience on Version Control System

Backend (GO, PHP)

MySQL Database handle and schema design

API architecture implementation with proper authentication service

Basic knowledge of API implementation using Go language


iOS (Swift)

Auto-Layout design (Mid-Level)

Simple iOS projects handling


To gather deeper knowledge on app backend management using latest technologies. Interested to learn about server deployment and management of Amazon AWS. High level experience on iOS apps development. Contribution on various third party libraries as well as open source products and Machine Learning is my another goal to learn, work and play.

Work process



At first, I would like to discuss about the offer or project proposal. If it an offer then I will take some time to think about it.

If it is a project then I would like to know the business first. Then the app flow shortly. Any reference app on Play Store will be better.


Review Doc

Both for an offer or a project, a proper documentation is a must. I will expect a clean and detail oriented doc.

If it is a project then a prototype doc will also be needed for understanding the complexity as well as to measure the time frame and budget.


Final Dealing

After reviewing the doc I will provide a rough estimation for both time frame and budget. If you have anything to change or update, it’s high time. Otherwise I will expect extra time and budget if you add something big after this deal.

We will discuss about time and budget here and we will have a written doc (agreement paper) after we decided to work together.



As the deal is final, now I would like to discuss about the resources you have to provide for starting the project. The first thing is the design of each and every screen as well as the icons, app logo and others.

I would like to receive all the design resources shared into a drive folder. Another resource element I need is backend server (if you want me to develop the backend also) or the APIs documentation.

Last but not the least is the git repository access where I will upload all the codes of this project. 



Generally, I develop projects following agile methodology where the whole project implementation time and tasks will be divided into milestones (number of milestones will be depended on the project type and size).

After completing each milestone, I will provide sample apk for testing and also receive the percent of money we agreed.

Anything issue that you will find in a milestone, will be definitely fixed into the next milestone.  



On this stage, I have finished the whole project as you wanted and also tested by you. Now it depends on you whether you want me to deploy/publish this app into Play Store or not. 

For publishing the app, I need some information to make signature key (which is a must and also very important to update this app later).



After the deploy process, I would like to provide all the necessary data and information of your project.

As you have all the project codes into git (bitbucket), the only thing I will provide is the keystore file and credentials(don’t forget to ask about this whenever you deal with app based project). At the end, I would like to receive some feedback and review for my work.

Why choose me?

Any type of UI implementation will be pixel perfect for all the provided/popular android devices.

High level project architecture(MVVM with Dagger) will be used to execute unit testing properly.

Any discussion or project based meeting will be accomplished by fluent english speaking capability.

Discussed and working projects will be managed in a confidential way and the whole process securing responsibility is mine.

Honesty is the best policy so I always ensure that my clients are getting the best services from me. On the other hand, I also expect the same from them.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Lines Of Code

Would you like to start a project with me?

There are some basic formalities that you have to follow such as well documented details of the overall functionality and app flow as well as the business of that particular app.